19 May 2012

So recently I have really got into doing nail art. I love accessorising my outfits and to me your nails can be a further accessory to any outfit.
Here are a couple of my recent designs, what do you think? J

Pink with daisy 


I used classic coral pink for the main colour and then using the yellow added a small yellow circle in the middle of the thumb nail. I don’t own a proper nail art brush so I made one using the brush of an old nail varnish I was throwing away. I then trimmed off half of the bristles at the base of the brush to make it thinner. Using this nail art brush I painted the petals using two rounded strokes for each. I then repeated the yellow circle for the centre to make it more prominent. Once dried, I applied a top coat to protect the design.

Stripy Candy nails 


I used a bright pink, green, violet, bright yellow, royal blue and white for the stripes. After applying two layers of colour to each nail I then used my homemade nail art brush to draw three fine lines vertically up the nail from top to bottom starting with the middle one.  What do you think of the colour combination? I also did this design using the violet as base and a sparkly purple for the stripes for a cheerleading performance – our squad colours are purple, silver black J

Rainbow dots 


These are definitely the most creative I’ve done yet.  I saw a similarly design online and decided to try it out for myself. I used white for the base to make the rainbow colours stand out more. To do the dots I used the tip if nail art brush, making sure there wasn't too much on it so the dots would be a nice size. A steady hand is certainly needed and concentration. I started in the lower left corner of the nail with the violet varnish doing just one dot. Then I used the royal blue placing two dots in a diagonal line above the violet, and so on, next with green, yellow, orange, pink and finally red. The amounts of dots on each line does depend on the width of you nail. I always start with the nail on my little finger when doing any nail art to minimise any smudging when doing the other nails. 
Have to say this is definitely one of my favourite designs, go with any outfit and adds a 'pop' of colour :)



  1. These are some really pretty nail art ideas. I love the pop of color that they give. I think my fave is the strips one. :)
    Btw, thanks for entering my Polyvore outfit creator! :)