16 May 2012

Hello :)

Well hello! This is my first ever blog so don't expect much from me lol!
First I'll introduce myself. I'm in my early twenties and a student studying for a degree in Geography, in the UK. I'm a northern girl although currently living in the south, though not sure where going to be this time next year when finally have to enter the 'real world' of work! Hoping to get an intern ship in the Charity/Non-Profit sector  in New York, fingers crossed :)
Why have I decided to start this blog? Well I have all this random thoughts and although I've never been good at keeping a proper diary I thought trying blogging might be good. Also I'm hoping that there's a chance others can relate and also share there wisdom with me, god knows I certainly need!
I might post the odd set from my polyvore account ( http://hannah-12.polyvore.com/) - fashion stuff mainly - and reviews, but mainly just odd tid bits from my life and asking for advice!
Anyway I'll leave it at that for now and start with my first proper post soon!
Ta ta for now xx

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