18 May 2012

Daisy, daisy, daisy, daisy daisy ...... :)

Hey, so I have a love for flowers particularly daisies! My house at home is called Daisyfield House with daisies covering the lawn in summer :)
I am currently helping as event assistant at my local theatre for an event called Daisy Chain Festival a fun flower themed community and family orientated event. I am really enjoying organising it, not only does it involve my love for anything with a floral theme but is also great experience of working on events. For a while I've not been sure of exactly what I want to do as a career other than hopefully working in the charity sector but recently I've discovered a passion for event management. I look forward to work at moment, enjoy coming up with ideas and working out how to actually carry them out, and find myself thinking about it most days. If you ask me this is how you should feel about a job, be it voluntary or paid, to have a career in something you are so passionate about, that you look forward to going to work and getting things done is the dream! I would definitely love to get into a career in event management, so fingers crossed :)
Helping with the Daisy Chain event has felt so rewarding so far and the thought that come the actual event day I'll be able to say, I was part of putting this together is an incredible feeling. Coming up with ideas and brainstorming how we'll actually carry out activities, today made us both (me and event manager) so excited. I am so looking forward to the actual day, with everything we have planned it should be an amazing day!
So if anyone is in Portsmouth you should definitely head down to Albert Road on the 24th of June, you won't regret it!!

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