31 May 2012

Holly Golightly Fancy dress continued :)

So I finally have a picture of me as Holly Golightly. Not the best quality but all I can find.
To finish of the outfit of little black dress, pearl necklace and tiara, I did my hair in a high bun and make-up inspired by that worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film. Hope you like it! :)


The hair wasn't as hard as I originally thought it would be. I have long hair but it is very fine. So that the bun would be big enough I used a brown bun doughnut. First I put my hair into a high ponytail. The best way to do this is to tip your head and hair upside down, smoothing it into a ponytail with a comb. It is important that the ponytail is on top of your head for the bun to be most effective.
Next I put the ponytail through the doughnut and spread it out around it. Once it was all covered I then put another hair elastic around the hair around the doughnut to hold it in place. The remaining lengths I then wrapped around the base of the bun, securing with bobby pins! Bobby pins are very important and you'll probably need quite a few!. Then spray with hairspray to finish, add the tiara and ta da! :)


The main idea is neutral make-up with big eyes. I used a light foundation base, blusher and highlighter to give shape, grey's and brown's for the eyes and black liquid eye-liner.

For the make-up I followed instructions in this video

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