31 May 2012

Holly Golightly Fancy dress continued :)

So I finally have a picture of me as Holly Golightly. Not the best quality but all I can find.
To finish of the outfit of little black dress, pearl necklace and tiara, I did my hair in a high bun and make-up inspired by that worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film. Hope you like it! :)


The hair wasn't as hard as I originally thought it would be. I have long hair but it is very fine. So that the bun would be big enough I used a brown bun doughnut. First I put my hair into a high ponytail. The best way to do this is to tip your head and hair upside down, smoothing it into a ponytail with a comb. It is important that the ponytail is on top of your head for the bun to be most effective.
Next I put the ponytail through the doughnut and spread it out around it. Once it was all covered I then put another hair elastic around the hair around the doughnut to hold it in place. The remaining lengths I then wrapped around the base of the bun, securing with bobby pins! Bobby pins are very important and you'll probably need quite a few!. Then spray with hairspray to finish, add the tiara and ta da! :)


The main idea is neutral make-up with big eyes. I used a light foundation base, blusher and highlighter to give shape, grey's and brown's for the eyes and black liquid eye-liner.

For the make-up I followed instructions in this video

30 May 2012

Smile :)

Smile :)

Smile :) by hannah-12 featuring a white t shirt

As well as the abundant pastel shades and turquoises seen this summer I love the mixing of colours seen.
Orange is such a great, vibrant colour for summer, and by adding the green in contrast, with a plain white tee, I think the effect is simple yet interesting :) Boho with a bit of an edge!


27 May 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired nail art :)

To go with my Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly Golightly outfit, I was unfortunately unable to find a pair of long black gloves in time, so instead decided to paint my nails with a design inspired by the film - as seen above!
To do this I used a white, turquoise and black nail polishes and gemstones.

I started using a clear base coat to protect my nails and give the lower section a shine. I started at the top with the black nail polish at the tip. To get the line I placed a piece of sellotape across the nail to the point I wanted to paint. Once painted I removed the sellotape leaving a straight edge.
Next came the turquoise stripe. To do this, as I don't yet have a nail art brush, I used the end of a bobby pin, stretched out to full length. I then dipped the tip in the nail polish and used this to dot a line across, underneath the black stripe. I repeated this process for the white stripe, and then coated the whole nail with a clear top coat.
I also decided to place a silver gemstone on each thumb nail to give it a bit more glitz, as Holly Golightly very much is :) I placed this on top of the wet top coat and once dried in place coated with a another layer of top coat to ensure fixed in place.

I love the results! What do you think? :)


22 May 2012

Holly Golightly Fancy Dress Outfit :)

I absolutely adore the film Breakfast at Tiffany's, (and well any Audrey Hepburn film, definitely my favourite actress). So when my friend decided to have a film character themed birthday party, I chose Holly Golightly!
Not only is when one of my favourite film characters and image so iconic, but its also a really simple outfit to put together :)
Practically every girl owns a simple little black dress, the main part of this outfit. Then all you need is black shoes, pearls, cigarette holder, long black gloves and a tiara. 
I used a pearl collar, which goes perfectly with the neckline on my dress and added a pearl brooch for extra impact. I already own a pair of black heels, as I'm sure most girls do :P  and a tiara!

Long black gloves are available in most fancy dress shops for a few quid and also cigarette holders, although these can be harder to find so I am going to make my own fake cigarette holder and fake cigarette :)

Post to follow on how made fake cigarette holder and how styled hair, and pictures of the finished outfit! Watch this space :D


19 May 2012

Shades of Summer

Shades of Summer

Shades of Summer by hannah-12 featuring an agate necklace

I absolutely love the pastel colours that are popular this summer, particularly the turquoise. One of my favourite trends is also the dip hem, so simple and stylish :) Thought I'd make a fashion set inspired by the Dior Croisette Make-up collection too!

So recently I have really got into doing nail art. I love accessorising my outfits and to me your nails can be a further accessory to any outfit.
Here are a couple of my recent designs, what do you think? J

Pink with daisy 


I used classic coral pink for the main colour and then using the yellow added a small yellow circle in the middle of the thumb nail. I don’t own a proper nail art brush so I made one using the brush of an old nail varnish I was throwing away. I then trimmed off half of the bristles at the base of the brush to make it thinner. Using this nail art brush I painted the petals using two rounded strokes for each. I then repeated the yellow circle for the centre to make it more prominent. Once dried, I applied a top coat to protect the design.

Stripy Candy nails 


I used a bright pink, green, violet, bright yellow, royal blue and white for the stripes. After applying two layers of colour to each nail I then used my homemade nail art brush to draw three fine lines vertically up the nail from top to bottom starting with the middle one.  What do you think of the colour combination? I also did this design using the violet as base and a sparkly purple for the stripes for a cheerleading performance – our squad colours are purple, silver black J

Rainbow dots 


These are definitely the most creative I’ve done yet.  I saw a similarly design online and decided to try it out for myself. I used white for the base to make the rainbow colours stand out more. To do the dots I used the tip if nail art brush, making sure there wasn't too much on it so the dots would be a nice size. A steady hand is certainly needed and concentration. I started in the lower left corner of the nail with the violet varnish doing just one dot. Then I used the royal blue placing two dots in a diagonal line above the violet, and so on, next with green, yellow, orange, pink and finally red. The amounts of dots on each line does depend on the width of you nail. I always start with the nail on my little finger when doing any nail art to minimise any smudging when doing the other nails. 
Have to say this is definitely one of my favourite designs, go with any outfit and adds a 'pop' of colour :)


18 May 2012

Dior Croisette make-up range

I absolutely love Dior make-up! I had a makeover the other day using their new summer make-up range Croisette. This is the first make-up range they've designed which is actually inspired by their clothing collection. It's a gorgeous range made up of predominantly nudes, pale pinks, corals and blues, perfect for summer :) The picture above shows the look my makeover was inspired by.
To get this look the following were used:

5 Couleurs Croisette Eyeshadow Palette 224 Swimming Pool Couleur,  Eye Gloss 750 Sunset ,  Diorshow Liner Waterproof 258 Turquoise,  Dior Vernis St Tropez

Now I fell in love with all the products. The eye shadows are lovely colours, the eye gloss is perfect for the summer when eye shadow can get creased with heat, the liner soft and striking, and nail colour gorgeous and great quality.
However I am a fairly penniless student so unfortunately cannot afford all 4 of the products. I already own eye shadows similar to that pictured and decided to see if I could find similar cheaper alternatives to the gloss, liner and nail varnish. 
As yet I haven't found an alternative to the gloss unfortunately :( However I have found alternatives to the liner and nail varnish.

As an alternative to the Dior Vernis St Tropez I decided on the 17 Supreme Shine nail varnish in Wave, saving around £15.  I had narrowed down to three choices including a Rimmel London nail varnish (Sky High) and a Maybelline nail varnish. The assistant in Boots was lovely and tested all three to compare against my nails with the Dior nail varnish and we concluded that the 17 Supreme Shine Wave was the best :)
For the liner I chose a Barry M Kohl Pencil in Turquoise a pretty much perfect match to the Dior liner and saving again around £15 :)

I love this range of make-up but often find the need to use them more as inspiration and find cheaper alternatives. I hope this helps anyone in the same position as me :)


Daisy, daisy, daisy, daisy daisy ...... :)

Hey, so I have a love for flowers particularly daisies! My house at home is called Daisyfield House with daisies covering the lawn in summer :)
I am currently helping as event assistant at my local theatre for an event called Daisy Chain Festival a fun flower themed community and family orientated event. I am really enjoying organising it, not only does it involve my love for anything with a floral theme but is also great experience of working on events. For a while I've not been sure of exactly what I want to do as a career other than hopefully working in the charity sector but recently I've discovered a passion for event management. I look forward to work at moment, enjoy coming up with ideas and working out how to actually carry them out, and find myself thinking about it most days. If you ask me this is how you should feel about a job, be it voluntary or paid, to have a career in something you are so passionate about, that you look forward to going to work and getting things done is the dream! I would definitely love to get into a career in event management, so fingers crossed :)
Helping with the Daisy Chain event has felt so rewarding so far and the thought that come the actual event day I'll be able to say, I was part of putting this together is an incredible feeling. Coming up with ideas and brainstorming how we'll actually carry out activities, today made us both (me and event manager) so excited. I am so looking forward to the actual day, with everything we have planned it should be an amazing day!
So if anyone is in Portsmouth you should definitely head down to Albert Road on the 24th of June, you won't regret it!!

16 May 2012

Hello :)

Well hello! This is my first ever blog so don't expect much from me lol!
First I'll introduce myself. I'm in my early twenties and a student studying for a degree in Geography, in the UK. I'm a northern girl although currently living in the south, though not sure where going to be this time next year when finally have to enter the 'real world' of work! Hoping to get an intern ship in the Charity/Non-Profit sector  in New York, fingers crossed :)
Why have I decided to start this blog? Well I have all this random thoughts and although I've never been good at keeping a proper diary I thought trying blogging might be good. Also I'm hoping that there's a chance others can relate and also share there wisdom with me, god knows I certainly need!
I might post the odd set from my polyvore account ( http://hannah-12.polyvore.com/) - fashion stuff mainly - and reviews, but mainly just odd tid bits from my life and asking for advice!
Anyway I'll leave it at that for now and start with my first proper post soon!
Ta ta for now xx