22 May 2012

Holly Golightly Fancy Dress Outfit :)

I absolutely adore the film Breakfast at Tiffany's, (and well any Audrey Hepburn film, definitely my favourite actress). So when my friend decided to have a film character themed birthday party, I chose Holly Golightly!
Not only is when one of my favourite film characters and image so iconic, but its also a really simple outfit to put together :)
Practically every girl owns a simple little black dress, the main part of this outfit. Then all you need is black shoes, pearls, cigarette holder, long black gloves and a tiara. 
I used a pearl collar, which goes perfectly with the neckline on my dress and added a pearl brooch for extra impact. I already own a pair of black heels, as I'm sure most girls do :P  and a tiara!

Long black gloves are available in most fancy dress shops for a few quid and also cigarette holders, although these can be harder to find so I am going to make my own fake cigarette holder and fake cigarette :)

Post to follow on how made fake cigarette holder and how styled hair, and pictures of the finished outfit! Watch this space :D


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